Pancrete application is easy, even by non-skilled labor. Most air handlers can be completed over a weekend.

The application progress starts with preparing the surfaces, then applying a liquid polymer-bonding material. Following this step is the application of Pancrete V-570 for vertical surfaces.

Immediately thereafter Pancrete is mixed and poured into the condensate pan.

That's it. In 4 to 6 hours, the unit is returned to service.

The unit is no longer susceptible to the corrosion it has seen before.
The HVAC unit at Miller Brewing was corroded and needed repairs. It would have been very costly to replace.

Pancrete allowed the pan to be used without further corrosion and the ned to remove or replace any of the units components

- Grunau Company
By using Pancrete T-84 and V-4138 we were able to keep downtime to a minimum.
I highly recommend T-84 and V-4138.
"I couldn't be happier with the results and the time and money saved."
- Mabank Independent School District
"More important still, in healthcare and manufacturing, time is paramount. The time spent to remove a coil and replace a drain pan equates to days, instead of hours with Pancrete." - Proac Corporation
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Easy and Quick Installation