Pancrete® Compliance

NFPA 90 A Compliant

Some municipalities have building codes requiring internal components of HVAC systems to meet the NFPA 90 A standard for fire and smoke ratings.

Pancrete T-84 for AC systems is NFPA 90 A compliant.

To learn more on NFPA 90A, see our compliance basics page….


The EPA recommends condensate pans be free of low spots that cause water to stagnate. Pancrete eliminates stagnant water areas so there are no areas where water can collect. Furthermore, Pancrete itself provides a water-repellant hydrophobic surface to insure water flows to the drain.
The ASHRAE 62.1 standard also call for elimination of dead spots or areas where water can accumulate. This standard calls for a sloping of the drain pan. Upon Pancrete application, the installers
can slope most air handler pans to meet this standard.

Pancrete eliminates and prevents water pooling in condensate pans.
To learn more on EPA air quality, see our air quality basics page...

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