HVAC Air Handler Operational and Capital Costs

Corroded HVAC air handler interiors is a leading cause of replacement . Basic internals such as the fan motor and enclosure and coils can usually be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new unit.

It is not unusual for an air handler replacement to run $100,000 or more, not including administrative and/or occupant inconvenience. Sadly, since all of the HVAC air systems were installed when the building was built, when one unit is in need of replacement, the rest are not far behind.

With our development and manufacture of Pancrete over a decade ago, refurbishment of older air handlers has become a reality. Purchase and installation o
f Pancrete is a small fraction of removal and replacement costs. Refurbishment eliminates costly administrative work loads dealing with new unit installation. Occupant disruption is eliminated with Pancrete.

Even if a new unit is purchased, it too will start to corrode with time. Refurbishment with Pancrete is a wise choice bringing back better than new operating conditions.

Pancrete Protects All HVAC interior Components

Pancrete is used to provide corrosion protection to interior components including fan enclosures and filter racks so you can be certain that these items too are protected for the future.

Operational Hygiene Control

Pancrete eliminates areas of stagnant water buildup, reducing the amount of manpower to clean the unit. And because microbes such as bacteria and fungus are prevalent in air handlers, even more labor is saved.

Some aging equipment in large facilities would be very costly to fix due to size and location within the facility. We recently completed refurbishment of a large 35 ton air handler and used Pancrete. Not only did it stop the leaks, it strengthened and contained rusted metal in the bottom of the pan., The product was easy to apply. I'd recommend it to anyone seeking to extend the life of their equipment." - Thermetrics Corporation
"I can say that Pancrete has benefited our company by allowing us to offer a product and a service that is valuable to the end user from not only an Indoor Air Quality stand point, but from a budgetary standpoint."
- Strategic Filtration
"We have helped hundreds of customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars by refurbishing equipment utilizing Pancrete and V-570 instead of the costly alternative to replace equipment."
- Proac Corporation