Engineered, Developed, and Manufactured
in North Carolina
by Controlled Release Technologies

About Controlled Release Technologies
We are fully responsible for the creation, development, and manufacturing of our HVAC line of products. When you want assured results, purchase and use CRT solutions.

Users can be confident of obtaining what they want at a minimum of expended labor.

A technical support line is open via email or telephone to assist in obtaining performance or sustainability benefits.

Quality Control

Our full time research and development lab is at the heart of quality control specifications.

Pancrete undergoes four separate Quality Control tests before it leaves our factory. Our other HVAC solutions undergo similar quality control methods so users can rely upon and be confident in product performance.

EPA Product Registrations
CRT is the owner, and primary registrant, of our registered products. While this in itself does not mean our products are better than others, it does mean that our research and development process allows us to know quite fully the complete operational basics of the our products.
Our 30,000 + sq ft manufacturing facility is located in Shelby, North Carolina. Administrative offices, R&D laboratory, and manufacturing are located under one roof to insure full product integration.

HVAC Hygiene Solutions with CRT

Currently, our product line includes solutions for:

- Energy Efficiency for Cooling Coils

- Odor Reduction in Air Handlers

- Sustainability

- EPA Registered Anti-Microbials

Insulation coatings

- Timed-Released Pan Treatment

- Evap Cooler automatic scale removal

Pancrete T-84 is the only product of its kind that is NFPA 90A rated both for horizontal and vertical surfaces.

New CRT Product Development

Our R&D laboratories are constantly developing advanced products to minimize HVAC labor and to enhance our customers mechanical requirements.

Ask our customer service representative for further information on our latest advanced hygiene flooring solution.
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